Owen Wilson’s Nose (And 9 Other Hollywood Imperfections Explained)


So you’re just hanging out, watching a movie with a bunch of friends – nothing unusual to these proceedings at all. And then, woah, you’re suddenly distracted. And not because the movie is bad and your attention is waning and you find it hard to sit still for two hours, but because you’ve noticed something about an actor on-screen. Is that thing you’ve noticed actually theirs, or is it something they’ve adopted for the sake of the movie? Because Owen Wilson’s nose really does look like that, but Brad Pitt’s neck scar in Inglourious Basterds is just part of an unexplained backstory.

“Why is Owen Wilson’s nose like that?” is the kind of lame question you’ll hear at least three or four times over the course of the next year. And you don’t really know the answer, because you’ve got a life and better things to do with your time, and it’s probably not that interesting anyway. But you do kind of want to know, don’t you? Yeah. Just for… reference purposes. Because these little quirks are what make a lot of actors, well… themselves. It gives them character.

If only a bunch of these little imperfections were somehow collected into a single article, then you could learn ’em all in the blink of an eye and never look back, right? Well, fear no more. Here’s our little guide to all those Hollywood actor eyebrow-raisers, assuring you as the foremost authority of useless trivial matters within… well, the radius of your house.

Note: We haven’t included anything you wouldn’t generally spot in a movie, like extra toes or slightly short fingers. And God knows every actor seems to have those.

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