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Owen Wilson’s Nose (And 9 Other Hollywood Imperfections Explained)

So you're just hanging out, watching a movie with a bunch of friends - nothing unusual to these proceedings at all. And then, woah, you're suddenly distracted. And not because the movie is bad and your attention is waning and you find it hard to sit still for two hours, but because you've noticed something about an actor on-screen. Is that thing you've noticed actually part of them, or is it something they've adopted for the sake of the movie? Because Owen Wilson's nose really does look like that, but Brad Pitt's neck scar in Inglourious Basterds is just part of an unexplained backstory.

3) Forest Whitaker


Forest Whitaker’s intriguing left eye has emerged as a subject of curiosity amongst film-goers. Though some might consider it something in need of cosmic surgery, many would agree that Whitaker’s eye gives him a unique look, a taint that grants his characters with a natural feeling of experience and worldliness.

In actuality, his trademark feature is caused by a condition known as ptosis, which causes the eyelid to either droop or fall. Whitaker himself has stated that he has thought about fixing his eye with surgery, although not for cosmetic reasons, but because he finds that it affects his vision.

4) Joaquin Phoenix

You can’t miss that little scar that runs between Joaquin Phoenix’s nose and top lip, long thought to have resulted from the surgical correction of a cleft palate. It’s unashamedly apparent in most of his movies, and Phoenix has never bothered to try and hide it or cover it up – why would he? But Joaquin Phoenix was actually born with this scar fully in tact, it having formed whilst he was in the womb, and is technically known as a microform cleft.

There’s actually a quote that has done the rounds on the internet several times, in which Phoenix attributes his scar to “an act of God.” He believes that one day when his mother felt a sudden and unexplained sharp pain in her stomach, the scar was formed right there and then.

We’re not too sure about that, Joaquin.

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