Five Jaegers That Would Make A Pacific Rim Sequel Worth Our Time

Five Jaegers That Would Make A Pacific Rim Sequel Worth Our Time | We Got This Covered

And so, with much sound and much fury, Pacific Rim has come and gone, and with it any hopes that it would be better than or worse than or exactly as good or as bad as it turned out to be. You guessed it: I’m not here to commit to a criticism. I just wanted to share with you five, hulking great ways that I thought the film could have been shaped into something more interesting that Gil Del Toro and company can feel free to pick clean for use in any sequel that Hollywood’s deep pockets elect to produce.

For those of you not in the know, Pacific Rim follows the adventures of a group of human-piloted gigantic robots nicknamed Jaegers. In the flimsiest of plot points in the movie’s 2-hours-plus duration, it is explained that each of the Jaegers must be piloted by a team of at least two humans as the direct mental interface ‘twixt man and machine puts a fair ol’ strain on the ol’ noggin. With that established, the smacking of monsters begins in earnest. Thing about it is, even with cool names like Gipsy Danger, Crimson Tornado and Santa Kill, Pacific Rim’s robo jocks just aren’t that memorable. In fact, they’re no more memorable than it would take to allow me to remember two of them in name alone and fabricate a third. See where I’m headed with this? You ought to if you’ve read the article’s title.

I hereby present five potential Jaegers for the filmmakers’ consideration for use in the inevitable sequel, before an (expected) third and final film in which the planet earth’s hallowed sphere herself might serve as a mighty balljoint in some cosmic metatomaton’s makings as truly celestial battle becomes the focus.

After all, ya gotta go bigger, right?

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