Paramount Reportedly Developing Star Trek Spinoffs Set In Kelvin Timeline

Star Trek Beyond

All we know for sure about the future of Star Trek is that there’s going to be more new content than ever before, with Paramount unveiling ambitious plans to debut a fresh show every quarter in addition to a live-action lineup that already includes Discovery and Picard, along with upcoming spinoff Strange New Worlds.

Throughout it all, the feature-length arm of the franchise has been shrouded in mystery and uncertainty, but there are two movies in active development, one to be scripted by Discovery‘s Kalinda Vasquez and another that’s been penciled in for a June 2023 release. A new rumor claims that the studio is also keen to continue the Kelvin timeline originated by J.J. Abrams in his 2009 reboot, though, which will reportedly lead to spinoffs that occupy the same universe as the adventures of Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and the rest of the Enterprise crew.

There’s no word on what these spinoffs are or who they’ll follow, but it’s not as if Abrams has given up on the long-running sci-fi property. After all, both of the recently announced films will hail from Bad Robot, so he’s still got a vested interest in Star Trek at least from a producer’s standpoint, even if the fourth canonical outing has remained in stasis for a long time.

Speculation has been rife about the short and long-term prospects for the Kelvin ensemble, with the gang making it clear on more than one occasion that they’d be happy to return if the stars align, but having been put on hold a few times now and suffered from multiple setbacks, new episodic adventures set in the same mythology probably stand a better chance of getting made at this point than a direct Star Trek 4.