PETA Demands Jackass Forever Cast Be Investigated For Alleged Animal Abuse


The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are asking California authorities to investigate the cast of Jackass Forever for alleged animal abuse.

PETA sent a letter urging city and county prosecutors in Los Angeles to open a criminal investigation into the alleged animal abuse it says the cast of the upcoming Jackass movie has committed. Moments from the film PETA says may constitute animal abuse include “Johnny Knoxville being charged by an agitated bull, a person being bitten on the nose by a captive snake, and a tarantula trapped in a plastic tube between two people’s heads.”

PETA said the bullfighting scene, in which producer and cast member Johnny Knoxville was knocked unconscious and suffered several injuries, could have violated California Penal Code section 597(b) because of the “torture” the bull may have had to endure. PETA said, “the bull was likely placed in an unfamiliar location and bombarded with stress-inducing stimuli, and those orchestrating this scene likely took advantage of the bull’s anxiety to somehow provoke him into defending himself.”

PETA had previously demanded animal scenes be cut from Jackass Forever in July. The non-profit organization said at the time that any instances in which “animals are exploited, harassed, and harmed” are examples of cruelty. PETA also alleged the Jackass Forever “has already risked normalizing animal exploitation and legitimizing the cruel exhibitors who pimp out animals for productions.”

The cast members did not appear to respond or comment on the allegations in either case. Jackass Forever is set to release on February 4th, 2022.