New Plot Details For The Batman Reveal Who The Main Villain Is

Pattinson Batman

Matt Reeves’ The Batman recently became the latest in a long line of blockbusters to have their release date changed due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, but when you consider that many similar projects are getting pushed back by between eight months and a year, four months isn’t the end of the world, and the fans have taken the news surprisingly well.

The latest reboot for the Caped Crusader had only been shooting for a few weeks, and the shutdown will hopefully give the production more time to iron out any kinks in the script. While Reeves decided to get ahead of the game and reveal the first official look at Robert Pattinson in costume and the Batmobile before the surprise was ruined by grainy set photos, there still hasn’t been any confirmation about plot details.

We know that The Batman is going to be a more noir-driven detective story than we’re used to seeing from the Dark Knight on the big screen, but a new report has now shed some light on how the story unfolds, and a lot of it fits in with the information that WGTC exclusively revealed months ago.

Per FandomWire, the Riddler will turn out to be the main villain behind the murders of a series of mayoral candidates, with Colin Farrell’s Penguin set to be one of the names in the running for the job, who could turn out to be the brains behind the operation all along, working in tandem with Paul Dano’s Edward Nashton to eliminate the competition for mayor of Gotham.

While many people have been speculating that The Batman could end up featuring up to half a dozen members of the character’s iconic rogues gallery, the vast majority of them may wind up being minor cameos as the World’s Greatest Detective tries to live up to his name and unravel the conspiracy at the heart of the story.