Power Rangers Reboot Reportedly Eyeing Asian Actress For Pink Ranger

Power-Rangers-Movie-Blu-ray-cover-art (1)

The Power Rangers are being rebooted for the big screen and Paramount plans to change things up when it comes to the lineup of individuals who’ll be making up the Mighty Morphin team. And of the many changes set to take place, the studio is reportedly eyeing an Asian actress for the role of the Pink Ranger.

Amy Jo Johnson was the first one to bring the character to life both in the TV series and in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. She’s reportedly going to make an appearance in the new film as well, as will the rest of the original cast, and since her time piloting the Pterodactyl Zord and wielding her laser bow, there’ve been several different pink-clad Rangers.

According to our sources though – the same ones who told us that Disney is developing a Beauty and the Beast spinoff for Gaston and a She-Hulk show is coming to Disney Plus, both of which have since been confirmed – Paramount is reportedly eying an Asian actress to be next in line to bring the Pink Ranger to life on the big screen. There’s no word yet on who they may be looking at, but this won’t be the first time an Asian actress has played the role of the Pink Ranger. Patrica Ja Lee portrayed Cassie Chan in Power Rangers Turbo, Power Rangers In Space and a brief appearance in Power Rangers: Megaforce, while Erika Fong played Mia Watanabe in Power Rangers Samurai.

Of course, there are many incredibly talented Asian actresses for the studio to choose from to play the Pink Ranger in their ambitious reboot attempt. Mulan’s Yifei Liu, Deadly Class‘ Lana Condor or Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker‘s Kelly Marie Tran are just some of the top-notch talents that could easily excel at this role and add significant value to the flick. Who the studio ends up going with, though, remains to be seen.

In any case, we already know that the team will be mostly female, with IT actress Sophia Lillis eyed to play the Red Ranger and Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown said to be the favorite to play the Black Ranger in this bold new spin on the franchise. There are also reports that the Blue Ranger will be played by Finn Wolfhard and Paramount is reportedly eyeing a black actress for the Yellow Ranger.

Clearly, the studio is aiming high with this new Power Rangers movie and as soon as we learn more about what they’re cooking up for us, we’ll be sure to let you know.