New Power Rangers Show Reportedly In The Works, Will Be More Mature

Power Rangers

The most recent attempt at rebooting the Power Rangers for modern audiences may have bombed at the box office just three years ago, but having recently purchased the brand for over $500 million, new owners Hasbro already have another movie in the works. And given that they’ve teamed up with Paramount again, who also adapted Transformers and G.I. Joe for the big screen, it appears as though the latest outing for the superpowered teens will follow their lead in being a big, loud and dumb action-packed blockbuster.

That being said, Jonathan Entwistle is currently attached to direct, and he certainly knows his target audience after being responsible for Netflix’s The End of the F**king World and I Am Not Okay with This, while the time-travel element and 1990s setting gives the newest iteration of the Power Rangers both an interesting narrative hook and an easy route to tap into the nostalgia market.

However, we’ve also heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Extraction is getting a sequel and Now You See Me 3 is in development, both of which were correct – that an unrelated TV show is also in the works. Details are still scarce, but it will reportedly be a more mature and adult-orientated spin on the material that’s set to be shopped to various streaming services in the hopes of getting picked up.

We’ve already had a dark and gritty reboot that didn’t pan out so well, with the only profits ironically coming from selling a whole lot of toys to kids, and it remains to be seen if there’s even an audience for a more adult-themed Power Rangers. That being said, original star David Yost recently admitted that he’d love to get the gang back together for a reunion, and though it’s unclear which actors might be involved in this new show, seeing the cast of the Mighty Morphin’ era back together onscreen in a limited series would be the ideal project to appeal to the older generation of fans who have little interest in the latest cinematic update.