5 Presidents Who Deserve Their Own Film

1. George Washington

As the first president, George Washington’s time in office shaped the presidency more than any other commander-in-chief. Washington had such great support from the citizens that they likely would have made him into almost a king if he wanted to be. Yet Washington was reluctant to take office at all, and certainly didn’t want the power that the people would have willingly given him, so he stepped out of office after two terms, setting the precedent that every president has stuck to, spare FDR.

Washington as a general would be just as worthy of a film as Washington the president. He was vital to the American revolution, perhaps the most vital of all the founding fathers, and that aspect of Washington definitely shouldn’t be ignored. A war movie and a presidential film would be a great combination.

The General is a Darren Aronofsky film that has been in talks for a while. It’s described as less of a conventional period biopic, and more of an Unforgiven-like tale. The title would obviously lend its self more towards his time as a general, but it would likely delve into his time in office as well. No details of any imminent production have been released however, so if the Aronofsky film falls through, someone else needs to get a Washington production underway.

A great actor to play Washington would be Michael Douglas. Throw a white wig on Douglas and he’s a spitting image of Washington. Plus, he’s already played a president before in The American President, granted a fictional one, but still, he knows his way around the oval office.

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