Project Power 2 Will Reportedly Feature A War Between Heroes

Project Power

Last year’s streaming smash hit Project Power neatly summed up Netflix’s approach to creating high profile original movies in a microcosm. It had a decent-sized $85 million budget, a cast filled out with a combination of big names, recognizable character actors and rising stars, a high concept premise and a splashy trailer designed to draw in as many eyeballs as possible, dominating the most-watched list for a week or two before quickly fading from the collective consciousness.

The platform churns out so much in-house content that even its biggest hits soon vanish entirely from the conversation. Indeed, Project Power is the seventh most-watched film in Netflix history after racking up 72 million streams in four weeks, and fans were demanding a sequel the very same day it was released, but it feels as though nobody’s mentioned the movie or its undoubted franchise potential for months, which is probably because nobody has.

A second installment hasn’t officially been given the green light as of yet, but insider Daniel Richtman now offers up that Project Power 2 will feature a war between heroes. That’s all the tipster has to say on the matter, though, so you’ll have to draw your own conclusions as to what you can infer from such a broad and yet ambiguous statement, especially when the lines between hero and villain in the universe are already blurred by black market drugs giving anyone the potential to receive superpowers, with cops and criminals equally happy to get in on the act.

There are definitely a ton of stories that could be told within the Project Power mythology, though, and it’s easily one of Netflix’s nascent franchises that’s got the most narrative scope in terms of sequels, spinoffs and creative directions.