Quentin Tarantino Plans To Go West For His Next Film

Quentin Tarantino

Not having an actual film to promote has never stopped Quentin Tarantino from doing the press circuit. This year he’s been voicing his opinion on everything from the best movies of the year (before the year actually ended) to complaining about The Lone Ranger. But I don’t really care what he does or does not like in the contemporary movie scene; I care about what his next film will be. On The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, he finally shared something we can all get excited about.

In the midst of promoting the Django Unchained graphic novel on The Tonight Show, Tarantino finally began talking about his favorite subject: himself, and what he plans to do next. The answer is a pretty exciting, if unsurprising one: he wants to make another western.

I love westerns so much, after I taught myself to make one, it’s like ‘Now let me make another one, now I know what I’m doing.’

The western will not be a sequel to Django Unchained, but a similar story with “different characters.” This could mean anything from another revenge tale set in the Old West or the South, another slavery-themed epic, or simply something with plenty of shoot-outs. As is usual with Tarantino, it could also bring together all kinds of cinematic and historical concerns. He’s never been one to go halfway with anything.

The western actually seems one of the genres best-suited to Tarantino’s style. It’s the quintessential American genre, full of excellent villains and dashing heroes, and can be as bloody, violent and nasty as he wants it to be. Django Unchained was one of his finest and most intelligent films to date – a marked shift from the blatant fanboy mentality of many of his early works. Tarantino is maturing as a director, and the western seems the perfect genre to continue that development.

You can be certain we’ll hear more about Tarantino’s plans in the near future. Until then, check out his conversation with Jay Leno below.

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