Quicksilver Rumored To Return In Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness

QuickSilver in Age of Ultron

Though both Maximoff twins are major players in the Marvel comics universe, only Scarlet Witch has been a recurring presence in the MCU. Due to Fox’s own version of the speedster in the X-Men franchise, Marvel’s Quicksilver was written out as quickly as he was introduced in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Given his importance, though, fans have been expecting him to resurface ever since. And it’s possible that they’ll get their wish in 2021’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

This intel comes from the folks over at Lords of the Long Box, who reached out to us directly with the scoop. We Got This Covered has been told that Pietro Maximoff will return thanks to the universe-hopping that’ll occur in the movie. So, don’t expect the Earth-616 Quicksilver to be resurrected following his noble sacrifice in Sokovia back in 2015. This Pietro will be a version from another Earth.

Because of this, it’s unclear right now if Aaron Taylor-Johnson will reprise the role. However, it’s likely that Marvel will bring him back, instead of going to the trouble of finding either a new actor to play the part or even crossing over with the Fox world and rehiring Evan Peters.

When the Doctor Strange sequel was officially announced at Comic-Con last month, it was confirmed that Elizabeth Olsen will co-star alongside Benedict Cumberbatch as Wanda, with the sorcerer and the witch set to traverse the multiverse. So, it’s easy to see how a Quicksilver doppelganger could be factored into the plot. It would surely be a dramatic moment for Wanda to encounter a different version of her much-missed brother.

In any case, DS2 will directly follow on from WandaVision, the Disney Plus series that arrives earlier that same year. It’s theorized that she’ll be in a bad place in the movie, as her temporary happy life with Vision must have broken down if she’s going to be traveling with Strange. There’s even the theory that Scarlet Witch will serve as the villain of the piece. Seeing her dead brother again probably wouldn’t do her mental stability any favors.

Tell us, though, do you want to see Quicksilver in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness? Speed on over to the comments and leave your thoughts.