Gearing Up For Curse Of Chucky: Ranking The Child’s Play Franchise


It doesn’t take much to get a horror franchise rebooted these days, but it does take a lot to get horror fans excited about it. Many icons have been unearthed with lackluster results, but Don Mancini’s foul-mouthed, killer doll Chucky is looking to turn that trend around. After getting married and having a child, it looks like Chucky is going back to his seriously horrifying roots with the upcoming sequel/reboot titled Curse Of Chucky, which will be released digitally at the end of September.

In paying respect to the soul of Charles Lee Ray, I decided to have myself a little franchise-wide marathon. I sat down once a night and powered through the Child’s Play franchise in order, keeping content fresh in my mind for when I embark on Chucky’s latest adventure. At the same time though, I started really thinking about the franchise as a whole – my favorite parts, least favorite parts, and so on – so I decided to fully tackle this legendary collection of slasher movies.

With so many different types of films in the genre, from true horror to muddled horror comedy, it’s hard to really compare films like Child’s Play 2 and Seed Of Chucky, because some people might actually favor a more laughable Chucky versus the grimacing murderer. For me tough, the franchise can be ranked in a pretty clear order, as some films are leaps and bounds above others.

Join me as I take a look at every one of Chucky’s films, starting with the worst and ending with his greatest. I wonder where Curse Of Chucky is going to fit on this list?