Ranking The Films Of Pixar Animation Studios

Pixar’s Finding Nemo arrives in theatres today for a 3D re-release, allowing a whole new generation of children the chance to experience one of the greatest American animated films on the big screen. Though Pixar hasn’t had a universally beloved creative success since Toy Story 3, they remain one of the most critically and commercially successful studios in Hollywood history, and the world of cinema will always be richer for their presence.

The chance to revisit a classic like Finding Nemo got me thinking: If most of the Pixar films are excellent, which one is truly ‘the best?’ Is it even possible to critically rank a set of films as beloved as these?

Yes, though it turns out the task is incredibly difficult. Still, that is what I have attempted here today: To rank the thirteen theatrical Pixar features from worst-to-best, without any ties or cheats. From movie nine on, the qualitative differences are somewhat negligible – how does one pick between WALL-E and Up, or Ratatouille and The Incredibles? – but in the end, this list is a solid representation of what I feel Pixar does best, and which of their films stand tallest as masterpieces.

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