9 Reasons Why Bourne 5 Could Be The Best Movie In The Franchise


Since The Bourne Legacy unsuccessfully attempted to take the franchise in a new direction three years ago, the spy saga has stalled. Overly-talky, and feeling somewhat redundant with a less compelling new figure in the lead, Legacy saw critics shrug and the box office gross reach half of the previous effort: The Bourne Ultimatum. Few were left calling out for a sequel.

But while the series has been waiting for someone to come along and revitalize it, it turns out the two people arguably most important to the Bourne franchise have been preparing to make a comeback all this time. They would be original star Matt Damon, and the director that made the franchise his own, Paul Greengrass. Bourne 5 will be their fourth collaboration, and their third Bourne film together, and it begins shooting this month.


While it’s expected that Damon and Greengrass will at least restore the franchise to its former glory with Bourne 5, there are reasons – based on the scant details presently available – to believe this could even be the best film in the series to date.

Here, then, are nine reasons to expect great things from Bourne 5.