5 Reasons Everyone Loves Jennifer Lawrence

It seems safe to declare Jennifer Lawrence Queen of the Internet, for the past few weeks at least. By far the most linked-to moments of last month’s Academy Awards revolved around Lawrence and her propensity for turning mundane star obligations into unpredictable exchanges, usually leading to her saying something inappropriate.

She won her first Oscar that night for playing a character probably most similar to what she seems to be like in real life, if that’s to be believed. She’s best known previously for inhabiting Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games and before that one, a small independent movie that earned her her first Oscar nomination, Winter’s Bone. Both characters she plays in those two films are very quiet, cerebral, anti-social, self-determined. They think carefully before they say anything. And they kick ass.

The Jennifer Lawrence the public has come to know and love is far from these things, at least the parts about being generally reticent and strong but silent. In her short career she already has too many memorable quotes to enumerate. I found a blog that tried to do this and stopped at 55 lines she’s given in interviews that were far more bizarre than you’d expect a movie star to trot out. Every talk show she appears on has to get huge ratings, or at least you would think so from the YouTube clips that get passed around the next day. This was the case with the Oscars, after which she answered questions from the press about whether she was worried about peaking too early. Her response was, “…well I am now!” Perfect.

Like most others, I’ve become a fan. There seems to be at least 5 reasons that people find Jennifer Lawrence to be a new kind of movie star, and love her for it, and we’re here to tell you them.

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