5 Reasons Everyone Loves Jennifer Lawrence

1) She’s self-deprecating

This isn’t exactly new to a lot of movie stars, who by and large tend to be (the serious ones anyway) a little reserved and held back and extremely sensitive, but are good at presenting themselves positively before a camera, even while admitting their perceived shortcomings. J-Law though, she does this a little differently. When she talks about how easily she pees from fear or laughter, it doesn’t seem like something she made up. She refers to herself as
looking like a troll, and unlike some other people, it doesn’t seem like she’s doing it with the expectation that anyone will correct her. And if they do, she lets them have it.

There’s a way to be self-deprecating that people can tell is a kind of humblebrag. You can sum the attitude up like “Oh, well everyone is always telling me how beautiful I look all the time, but I don’t think of myself that way!” Gross. Like with anything else Lawrence seems to say, the self-criticism just pours out without calculation or filtering.

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