5 Reasons That Gravity Lives Up To And Even Exceeds Its Insane Hype


Sometimes hype is the devil. In our current climate of endless speculation about casting, plot details, sequels, and awards consideration, a strong case can be made that the anticipation of upcoming movies today is far more celebrated and attracts far more cultural energy than the experience of watching the actual movies, let alone thinking about and discussing movies some time after their release. The future is much more in demand than the present or the past. Then again, it could also be argued that this is indeed nothing new, but a longstanding human impulse that is merely being capitalized on by those in the business of selling movies and other cultural products, like anything else.

Gravity is the latest movie that comes with anticipation that has been building for weeks, months, even years for many people. Director Alfonso Cuarón began developing the project back in 2010. This new film is by far his biggest and boldest work, and one that has been building momentum since Cuarón started offering advanced previews of rough cuts to various festival and conference crowds. Exciting word of mouth praise has promoted it as a technological marvel unlike anything audiences have seen before. That’s a lot to live up to. So the question on everyone’s mind when it comes to Gravity seems to be: can it possibly be as incredible as everyone says it is?

After having the good fortune of being able to see it at TIFF, I would like to let everyone know, with confidence, that yes, this movie is the real deal. And then some. Here are 5 reasons Gravity is almost certain to satisfy your astronomical expectations.

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