4 Reasons You Should Actually Like, Not Hate, Kristen Stewart

2) She keeps it real, on screen and off.

Let me just talk about her acting for another second: you know those actors who seem like they can just be, on camera? Like just exist as if that’s the world they’ve always been from, whatever world the movie exists in? It’s hard to explain, the extent to which some actors just have this uncanny ability to be simply real. People are noticing it about Elle Fanning, I’ve found, especially in comparison to her more showy sister. Another who gets mentioned is Al Pacino, especially young Al Pacino, Godfather Al Pacino. I’m telling you Kristen Stewart has this. She doesn’t let herself be anything but completely real when she’s working. The result is that a lot of her weirdness then shows up on screen through her character, and a lot of people can’t see past this, which I understand. I’m the same way with other actors at times.

Then how about the way she handles herself publicly? People don’t seem to care for this aspect of her either, which I don’t understand. I get the people whose contentions essentially amount to “Why don’t you smile, sweetheart?” They’re just assholes. But people who are constantly complaining about the phoniness of Hollywood and how the whole industry operates on BS and vapid speech? As if everyone’s constantly selling something? K-Stew is the antidote to that, in the same way Jennifer Lawrence is. Both of them are refreshing. They have completely different styles, K-Stew the introvert and J-Law the extrovert (it’s obvious where my allegiances lie). But they’re essentially doing the same thing, flipping off the press, rolling their eyes at questions, giving sarcastic replies. With Stewart it just seems less obvious, and less charming. Because that’s how little she gives a damn. How is this realness not admirable?

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