5 Reasons To Go To A Screening Of The Room

1) It’s one of the funniest movies of all time

The Room

It’s pretty much a certainty that the laughs drawn by the bizarre dialogue and plot elements and awkwardly long sex scenes are unintended. I think if it seemed in any way deliberate it would be infinitely less funny. Whether it’s characters dressed randomly in tuxedos, characters inexplicably tossing a football around, or characters tossing a football around while dressed in tuxedos, there are too many little details that pop up throughout the movie to list, and they’re too visually mindboggling to do them justice in print.

And of course the absurdity of the material on the screen is just the tip of the iceberg when you watch The Room. With prepared scripts online that people draw from, as well as plenty of improvised additions at every screening, people in attendance generally inspire as many laughs as the movie does on its own. But it all begins with the movie, a bizarre tale of Johnny, whose fiancée Lisa seduces his best friend Mark, claims Johnny physically abused her, and then lies that she’s pregnant, just, in her words, “to make things interesting.” The entire movie has the oddest conception of what is “interesting” or a “great story.” And the reason for this seems to be the fascinating brain behind it all, Tommy Wiseau.

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