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‘Rebel Moon’ fans unsurprisingly hyped at Anthony Hopkins voicing a sentient battle robot

Zack Snyder, Anthony Hopkins, and 'Rebel Moon,' proved to be a winning combination for fans.

Image via Twitter/Zack Snyder.

Now that Anthony Hopkins has been confirmed to be voicing a sentient battle robot in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Rebel Moon, Snyder Stans, Hopkins homies, and sci-fi stalwarts, in general, are uniting to proclaim their excitement at the development.

It was a veritable roller-coaster ride of announcements revolving around Hopkins that fans were subjected to Wednesday morning, including the initial news of the two-time Oscar winner’s casting in the film; a subsequent first-look image unveiled by Snyder at the character who resembles a metallic space Viking; and the rather obtuse announcement from Hopkins, unrelated to Rebel Moon, that he, too, is getting into NFTs.

One fan was completely blown away at the level of detail for Jimmy, Hopkins’ robot character whose model number is JC1435 and who once served the now-slain King in the film.

From the character’s hard-shelled fingertips to his Celestial-like face plate, the robot’s marriage of ancient and new, complete with a horned headdress from some kind of felled hoofed creature, is jaw-dropping.

“Anthony Hopkins is Major!” another Twitter user wrote, obviously blown away by the news.

By the way, are we totally sure Snyder and Netflix unveiling Anthony Hopkins as part of the cast for Rebel Moon wasn’t a low-key attempt at throwing shade at a certain DC project starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, whose trailer just dropped? *cough* Black Adam *cough*

One fan noted that the role will only require Hopkins to lend his voice to the character, but even that is “incredible” in and of itself for such a major talent as Hopkins.

Another Twitter user took the time to share a hilariously impossible trivia fact about 56-year-old Snyder and 84-year-old Hopkins’ supposedly decades-old connection.

Rebel Moon, which originally started as a failed Star Wars spinoff pitch, is currently under production and is slated for release on Netflix, reportedly in two parts.

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