‘Red Notice’ and ‘True Story’ top latest Nielsen streaming ratings

true story

Netflix might have rendered the Nielsen streaming ratings obsolete to a certain extent after the platform started releasing its own set of weekly viewing figures based on cumulative hours watched, but the standard-bearer still provides an interesting insight into what subscribers have been watching.

The latest set of data covers Thanksgiving week from November 22-28, so it won’t be a shock to discover that Red Notice handily won out after racking up an additional 954 million minutes in what was its third frame in release, further stretching the lead it holds over the competition as Netflix’s most-watched original movie ever.

Second place went to Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes’ miniseries True Story, which drew 943 million minutes. That’s a solid showing when you consider the episodic effort was only available for five of the seven days the numbers were collated, even though we’ve barely heard anybody mention it in the last month.

Hawkeye‘s two-episode premiere proved popular enough to find a place on the charts, too, with the bumper double feature of Clint Barton and Kate Bishop’s fun-filled festive romp racking up 853 million minutes to enter the charts in third, which also made it the top-viewed non-Netflix title of the week.