Reddit randomly discusses which films would be 10 times better with dinosaurs

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Is there anything more awe-inspiring than a massive dinosaur on the big screen? Since the release of Jurassic Park, few creatures have struck such a nerve with audiences. So, the obvious question to ask is which movies would be even better with dinosaurs in them? Of course, only Reddit has the brains to digest such a problem.

Is it even possible to add dinosaurs into a movie and not have it be the most amazing thing ever seen? Redditor /u/Gingersnap5322 has posed the question on /r/AskReddit, and the internet has responded en masse.

Jurassic Park was the highest grossing film of all time at release, but that was until the James Cameron epic Titanic landed in cinemas four years later, so a crossover would obviously be the logical next step.

Another James Cameron blockbuster also dominated the comments with The Terminator finding a lot of love, and it would totally work with a comedic spin messing up John Connor’s time traveling. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator against a dinosaur is the type of stupid genius that audiences would love.

The Terminator‘s fellow 1980s blockbuster siblings Alien and Predator would also be worthy additions to prehistoric canon, even if one fan well-versed in the lore revealed that the precedent has already been set.

AMC might finally be ending The Walking Dead (albeit with many spin-offs in the works), but it’s hard to argue that the shuffling hordes of the undead may be encouraged to move faster with a hungry dinosaur on their tail.

Sure, Casablanca is a truly monumental film that has seeped into the foundations of pop culture, but where are the dinosaurs?

Speaking of obvious candidates for dinosaurs, Fast and Furious has seemingly done it all. Who’s to say dinosaurs aren’t next, giving us the meeting of worlds the cast and crew are constantly being asked about.

Lastly, here’s the suggestion that Hollywood executives should really sit and reflect on, a change they could make they would allow audiences to truly feel heard in these crazy modern times. Also the movie that 6 year-old me would’ve loved.

In short, there aren’t many movies that wouldn’t be drastically improved by a gaggle of gigantic extinct lizards on the loose, which is getting us that little bit more excited for Jurassic World Dominion.