The Thing (2011) Poster And Trailer

Warning. Another pointless Hollywood rehash of a classic horror film is coming our way. This time we are faced with a remake of one of the best horror films of all time, John Carpenter‘s The Thing. Carpenter’s film itself is a remake, but a remake of a film that wasn’t very good the first time round. His version did something new for horror and used state of the art make up to create transformation scenes which are truly gross and disgusting, even to this day.

To tell the truth, this version of Carpenter’s classic is apparently more of a prequel but it still begs the question, why is this being made? The whole brilliance of the original is that we don’t know where The Thing came from, it turned up, decimated everyone, then carried on. The prequel will be removing the mystery and therefore making the tension and the intrigue of the original film almost redundant. In that regard, the film is rendered with a degree of cynicism on behalf of the filmmakers.

The poster is almost a rip off of the original’s poster and while it is effective, it’s not doing anything new. And as for the trailer, well it’s nothing special. The film is clearly trying to do something creepy but from what I can see, it really only cranks up the effects with more CGI and the level of noise, which is again missing the point of what Carpenter crafted.

The Thing will debut in October this year and you can watch the trailer below if you so wish.