Reverse-Flash trends as fans debate which Marvel/DC villain would win in a hate-off

Reverse-Flash is trending on Twitter as fans debate which Marvel or DC supervillain would win in a hate-off.

Reverse-Flash is trending on Twitter as fans debate which Marvel/DC villain would win in a hate-off. Some comic book arch-nemeses just do crime for the hell of it — e.g. the Joker — while others have a more sympathetic reason for breaking bad — like Thanos. On the other hand, some are motivated by pure, unbridled hatred for the hero. But which foe is fueled by hate more than any other? Social media has spoken and decreed that it’s Eobard Thawne.

Twitter user @shukran__ got the discussion rolling by asking people “who you got in a hate-off?” and inviting folks to choose between Tom Cavanagh’s Reverse-Flash, Topher Grace’s Venom, Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin and that guy from that meme who went to his enemy’s funeral.

It was no competition, though, as everyone singled out Thawne, thanks to his endless dedication to screwing up Barry Allen’s life in any way he can, no matter how evil or how petty.

Don’t forget that time he erased Barry’s childhood best friend from existence.

Or that time he went back in time just to push Barry down the stairs.

He’s literally hate incarnate.

When he says he was behind every bad day Barry’s ever had, he wasn’t lying…

The real reason Reverse-Flash is trending, though, is due to a reply that’s gone viral which reveals an unexpected, NSFW evil deed from the villain:

(No, that is not a real clip).

Moving on… Others think Eddie Brock deserves the crown thanks for straight-up praying to God to kill Peter Parker.

And let’s not overlook Lex Luthor.

As well as appearing in Injustice and The Flashpoint Paradox movie (the source of the footage from the above clip), Reverse-Flash is most known to audiences from The CW’s The Flash. Tom Cavanagh most recently appeared on the show in season eight’s opening arc. We wouldn’t be surprised if he returns to ruin Barry’s life for the millionth time later on this season.