Rian Johnson absolutely will not entertain the idea of ‘Andrew Tate: A Knives Out Mystery’

glass onion a knives out mystery
via Netflix

Having delivered what’s arguably one of the modern era’s finest sequels with Glass Onion, the speculation has already started turning towards what could be in store from Rian Johnson’s Knives Out 3.

As before, all we can guarantee at this stage is that Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc will return to unravel another convoluted conspiracy, and there’s no doubt going to be a star-studded ensemble along for the ride. The movie’s official Twitter account has taken notice of the wish-lists being dreamed up by fans, but there’s one real-life inspiration Johnson won’t consider.

It goes without saying that Edward Norton’s Glass Onion tech mogul Miles Bron is inspired by a certain Chief Twit, but the writer and director has moved quickly to shut down talk that the next chapter should look no further than self-styled misogynist and Greta Thunberg’s bitch Andrew Tate for inspiration, with none other than Rachel Zegler making the suggestion.

There’s no harm in leaning into the real world to craft a superior whodunnit, something Johnson has already managed to accomplish twice to widespread acclaim, but his response of a grumpy-looking Dave Bautista reinforces the old adage that a picture really does speak a thousand words.

There’s an argument to be made that the best mystery movies are the ones reflective of the time in which they’re set, and with Knives Out 3 not expected to arrive before 2024 at the earliest, there’s a distinct possibility Tate will have disappeared from the cultural conversation by then. Either that, or he’ll be living out his days in a Romanian prison if the latest reports are anything to go by.