Roaches, Dismemberment, And Chicken Nuggets: Matt Donato’s Top 10 Most Disturbing Movie Moments Of 2015


Whenever I’m having a bad day, I can always rely on my favorite films to cheer me up. Cheerful, jovial efforts that inspire hope, achieve humor, and glow with positivity. Movies are my escape from the daily grind, and I always love revisiting those magic moments that make me feel alive.

Unless, of course, I’m volunteering to relive the most disturbing movie moments of 2015, counting down every single scene that had my skin crawling uncomfortably. It’s a dirty job, but since my life is essentially blood and fire most days, I have no problem digging into the past to extract the most devilish, nearly-unwatchable moments in an otherwise jovial year of film.


It’s not that these moments are necessarily the goriest, or the most visually appalling excerpts. Sometimes reality is most disturbing, or a disgusting relationship between father and daughter, for example. Yes, there will be some graphic portrayals of violence that follow, which I should warn are NOT SAFE FOR WORK, but the themes to come vary drastically in nature. Kudos to those movies who made this list, and thank you for completely ruining me after your credits rolled.

You bastards.