Rob Zombie Pays Tribute To The Late Sid Haig

3 From Hell

Actor Sid Haig died at the age of 80 on Saturday. A couple of weeks ago, the horror icon had been involved in an accident that put him in the ICU, overshadowing the premiere of his and Rob Zombie’s latest collaboration, 3 From Hell. And while he’d been thought to be recovering after a recent update from his wife, Susan Oberg, she returned to Instagram to confirm Haig’s passing earlier this morning.

Since then, the internet has been swarmed with messages of condolences for Susan and the collection of people that Sid’s life had touched. One such person was Zombie himself, who hosted a sweet, quick hoorah on Instagram in Haig’s honor:

“Horray for Captain Spaulding. Gone but not forgotten.”

While Haig had been a part of several other films in his career, including supporting roles in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill: Vol. 2 and S. Craig Zahler’s Bone Tomahawk, it was the actor’s work with Zombie that’d made him a haunted household name. The two talents were brought together six times over the last 16 years, including 2007’s Halloween remake and 2012’s The Lords of Salem.

But of course, the most memorable role Haig took on was that of the murderous Captain Spaulding, the leader of the horrendous Devil‘s Rejects crew. Though the terrible threesome were in a tight situation at the end of the 2005 cult classic, they all returned for 3 From Hell. Spaulding, however, had a pretty reduced role due to the actor’s deteriorating health.

Nevertheless, Sid Haig‘s extensive filmography, which included nearly 150 acting credits, will live on forever. And in his honor, be sure to catch him on the big screen one last time when 3 From Hell returns for a theatrical finale on October 14th.