Sig Haig’s Wife Offers Update On The 3 From Hell Star’s Status

The Devil's Rejects

3 From Hell arrives next week as one of 2019’s most-anticipated horror releases. The conclusion to Rob Zombie’s gory Firefly family trilogy has been a long time coming now and from the numerous trailers and clips we’ve seen of it, we’re left feeling hopeful that it’ll be a fitting conclusion to what’s been a pretty wild ride so far.

Unfortunately, however, it’s not all good news for 3 From Hell, as star Sid Haig suffered an accident last week which left him in the ICU. At the time, fans were simply told to pray for the actor and without any further details on what happened, it’s been a tough couple of days as we’ve waited anxiously for an update on his condition.

Thankfully, we’ve now got just that, as Sid’s wife has taken to Twitter to offer a lengthy explanation for what happened. And according to her, he’s currently in stable condition and doing well.

Hello everyone, I know it’s taken a while, but here’s the quick and dirty. Sid took a nasty spill early last week and went to the ER to make sure everything was ok. It was, but they kept him for a bit for observation. Late last Thursday night he vomited in his sleep. Because he was asleep, the vomit went into his lungs (aspiration). Fortunately, since they were monitoring him, the alarm went off and they were able to get the vomit out and an air tube with suction in.

They suctioned his lungs for a couple days and everything came out so they were able to remove the air tube/suction. He’s been breathing well for several days now but they still have to monitor for infection to be safe, since the bacteria in the human gut can set up an infection in the lungs when this happens, and are giving him IV antibiotics to protect him. His colour is great (nice and pink), and his vitals are excellent, so while he’s not allowed to eat or drink fully just yet, they’ve started letting him have a tiny bit of juice and water.

He kept asking me to just give him the full cup of juice and got quite cranky when I said I couldn’t yet, so that’s a HUGE improvement. Sid being hungry and thirsty + Sid being cranky and fight-y = Sid getting BETTER. Today went great and he is continuing to improve. I apologize for my cryptic post Thursday night/early Friday morning, but what can I say – I was freaking out! What wife wouldn’t? And shit got real heavy for a minute there, but he bounced back like a champ! So I am making this update now because I finally feel comfortable & calm enough to let you all know he’s fighting like a true warrior and he is WINNING the fight!!!

Thank you all for your prayers and caring and kindness, and thank you to @choptopmoseley for his supportive posts. They are most appreciated by all of us here at Camp Haig. Love and gratitude, and a whole lot of respect, to all of you. Thank you so much for sending your energy to my sweet baby. Love really does conquer all.

Obviously, this is great to hear and with 3 From Hell touching down in theaters in just a few days’ time, fans can now head out to cinemas knowing that Haig will likely make a full recovery and there’s nothing to worry about.

With a career spanning six decades and a plethora of popular genre films, from Kill Bill: Vol. 2 to Bone Tomahawk, Sid Haig is a true horror legend and we can’t wait to see him back on screen as Captain Spaulding, who’s so far appeared in two of Rob Zombie’s films. We first met him as a psychotic clown in 2003’s House of 1000 Corpses and then in 2005’s The Devil’s Rejects he returned, though the actor went most of the movie with no makeup.

It remains to be seen what he’ll be up to in 3 From Hell, but with the pic already generating a good deal of positive buzz ahead of its release, we’re certainly excited to catch back up with Sid Haig‘s Captain Spaulding and the rest of the gang in what promises to be a truly exhilarating movie.