5 Robert Pattinson Movies Are Dominating Netflix Today

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson has five movies dominating Netflix today and fans can probably guess what they are. Though the British actor has successfully managed to distance himself from his breakout role, with turns in many an acclaimed indie film and getting cast as DC’s Batman, he’ll always be dreamboat vampire Edward Cullen to Twilight fans. And every entry in the YA saga is trending on the streaming giant right now.

For the past week, Netflix users around the globe have been rewatching the five movies in the Twilight saga, and this Tuesday the 23rd, they’ve all managed to crack the worldwide Top 20. Unsurprisingly, the first and the last films are the most popular. The 2008 franchise-starter is currently sitting at #8 on FlixPatrol’s table of the most-viewed movies on the platform, with Breaking Part – Part 2 just behind it at #9.

Second entry New Moon is then at #11, with the third, Eclipse, at #15 and the penultimate installment, Breaking Dawn – Part 1, at #16. While certain folks are just revisiting the opening and final parts of the saga, it sure looks like a lot of fans are binging the highs and lows of the Edward/Bella Swan love story from beginning to end. It should be noted that the films aren’t available to stream in the US, but they are in many other territories.


As this makes clear, Twilight-mania might be long behind us, but the property’s popularity is still enormous internationally. No doubt Lionsgate has ambitions to restart the movie franchise at some point, too. After all, Stephenie Meyer did just release Midnight Sun, a retelling of the first novel from Edward’s perspective, in 2020 and has plans for more. That would be the perfect material to adapt for a reboot, then, with new actors replacing Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the lead roles.

For the moment, though, Twilight fans from all over seemingly can’t get enough of the original saga on Netflix.