Robert Pattinson’s Batman Will Reportedly Have A No Kill Rule

The Batman

Considering it’s such a major tenet of the comic book character, it’s strange that Batman movies have played so fast and loose with the Caped Crusader’s no killing rule. Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight had no problem dishing out lethal justice, infamously grinning as he blew up one of Penguin’s goons in Batman Returns. And while Christian Bale’s Bats generally stuck to the code, he still left Ra’s al-Ghul to die in Batman Begins. And let’s not even get started on Ben Affleck’s ultra-violent antics.

So, how will Robert Pattinson’s incoming incarnation handle the issue of Bruce Wayne’s bloodlust? Well, according to a new rumor, Battinson may be the first on-screen portrayal of the vigilante who sticks as rigidly to his no killing rule as the comic book hero. It should be noted that this intel comes our way via Reddit, but the source – user SpideyForever245 – has provided accurate leaks in the past, including Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ cameo in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

According to the Redditor, The Batman will make “a big deal out of Batman’s no kill rule.” Pattinson’s Bruce will also be depicted as “explaining why he doesn’t and should never kill.” This is something you’d imagine would please fans of the character, who have often got pretty heated about Keaton, Affleck and Bale’s more murderous moments. You can also see why WB would be keen to go in this direction, to differentiate from Zack Snyder’s take.

Not that Pattinson’s Bats will be squeaky clean, though. As the actor explained when he controversially argued that Batman wasn’t a hero, he teased that his character’s “morality is a little bit off. He’s the not the golden boy… There is a simplicity to his worldview, but where it sits is strange.” This sounds like Matt Reeves’ movie will properly interrogate the Dark Knight’s ethical code and examine how he justifies never crossing the line, even if he does often beat criminals to a bloody pulp.

The Batman is on course to hit theaters in March 2022, though there’ve been rumors that WB is considering another delay.