Robert Pattinson Reportedly Wants To Make Sure His Batman Is The Main One In The DCEU

The Batman

Robert Pattinson hasn’t had a reputation of being difficult to work with at any point during his career, but almost as soon as cameras started rolling on his highest profile outing yet when Matt Reeves called action on The Batman, the internet has been awash with multiple reports that the rebooted Caped Crusader is nothing but a nightmare.

Of course, none of this information has been confirmed so it remains entirely speculative for the time being, but one of the recurring themes has been the actor’s purported desire to gain some level of creative control and autonomy over the character, tied to the return of both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton in The Flash as Warner Bros. and DC Films triple down on Dark Knights, and may even quadruple should Batman Beyond finally become a reality.

Insider Daniel Richtman is now offering that Pattinson wants to make sure his take on Bruce Wayne is regarded as the DCEU’s main Batman, but the tipster doesn’t offer any sort of additional information to a statement that’s more than a little confusing, when you consider that Reeves’ blockbuster has long since been confirmed to exist with the franchise’s mainline continuity.

Obviously, rumors have also abounded that he could cross over eventually with the remnants of the SnyderVerse, but that’s all just conjecture at this stage, too. Without many details to go on, it’s hard to gauge how or why Pattinson would want his Batman to be viewed as the genuine article in a timeline and mythology he’s not even part of, especially when Walter Hamada confirmed Keaton would be the DCEU’s canonical costumed crimefighter once The Flash has reshuffled the multiversal deck.