Robert Pattinson Reportedly Wants Ben Affleck’s Batman Out Of The DCEU

Batman V Superman

How many versions of Batman is too many? Well, we’ll have a much better idea depending on how The Flash shakes out by the time the credits roll on the Scarlet Speedster’s solo debut in November of next year, because we’re guaranteed to be getting somewhere between two and four versions of the Caped Crusader existing under the Warner Bros. and DC Films banner once the multiverse makes its presence felt.

A new leak, which does come from Reddit but hails from a semi-reliable source, offers that Robert Pattinson does not want to share the role of Batman with anyone, and he’s purportedly demanding that Ben Affleck be gone from the DCEU for good, which obviously opens itself up to any number of questions, regardless of whether or not The Flash marks the latter’s last stand.

No offense to Pattinson, but Affleck is a much bigger and more experienced star with a lot more clout in the industry, so it’s hard to believe Matt Reeves’ Batman is in a position to make such demands to the studio hierarchy. Even then, you’d imagine he’d have been made aware of the multiverse plan somewhere between his casting in May 2019 and confirmation of Affleck’s return the following August.

Not only that, but DC Films president Walter Hamada confirmed a while back that Michael Keaton would be the DCEU’s canonical Batman moving forward, with plans to establish two separate franchises. If that still wasn’t enough, then Keaton’s impending comeback is certainly pointing towards a live-action Batman Beyond become a reality at long last, bringing yet another costumed crimefighter into the fold, which would surely piss Pattinson off even more if the veracity of the leak is taken at face value.