Robert Pattinson Reportedly Loved Playing Batman

The Batman

After much delay, next March finally sees the release of The Batman, marking Robert Pattinson’s debut as the Dark Knight. Following Ben Affleck’s tenure in the cape and cowl, which didn’t really go to plan, you can bet that Warner Bros. is eager for Pattinson to remain aboard the franchise for a long while yet. But is this something he would want? The British actor has been notoriously blockbuster-shy since the end of the Twilight saga, after all.

According to a new rumor, though, Pattinson had such a great time on The Batman that he wants to keep on playing the character for a long time to come. Tipster Daniel Richtman has shared that the Tenet star “loved” portraying Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves’ movie and has every intention of remaining with the DC universe. If this is true, it sounds like both star and studio could be in agreement, meaning we can expect a bunch more Battinson films.

WB has likely already tasked Reeves with crafting his own Batman trilogy, which would fuel various offshoots – likely including spinoffs for different members of the Bat-family. A TV series set in the world of The Batman, based around Gotham PD, is also in the works for HBO Max and while we’re used to WB’s plans for the DCEU going pear-shaped, this one might actually play out.

It’s worth noting that various other rumors have pointed to Pattinson and Reeves having a fraught relationship on The Batman, something not helped by the laborious production process, which was much prolonged due to COVID-19. Richtman’s rumor paints a very different picture, however. Obviously, fans would hope that his is the correct info and everything really is A-OK, but we’ll have to just keep optimistic for the moment, as any official news about a sequel probably won’t come our way until at least a year’s time.

Robert Pattinson makes his grand entrance as the Caped Crusader when The Batman swoops into cinemas on March 4th, 2022.