Here’s How Robert Pattinson Could Look As The Next James Bond

Robert Pattinson

Superman actor Henry Cavill has long been a popular contender to play the next James Bond, but what about his fellow DC star Robert Pattinson? The Twilight actor is just about to join the comic book world as the Batman in, er, The Batman, but given his great performance in spy thriller Tenet, there’s a growing desire to see Pattinson replace Daniel Craig as 007 as well.

Fan artist Barrett.Digital is one of those folks who supports the idea, and he’s mocked up a design of what the actor could look like with Bond’s Walther PPK in his hand. See for yourself below:

You have to admit that he has the look and the acting chops, but it’s fair to say that Pattinson would probably be far too busy with his DC commitments to be the next Bond. That’s why Cavill has been a more likely contender, seeing as his time as Superman appears to be over. That said, recently there’ve been reports that say he’s definitely suiting up again for Justice League Snyder Cut reshoots, with more movies surely set to follow.

The current top choice to step into Craig’s shoes, though, is, funnily enough, another superhero star. That’d be Venom actor Tom Hardy, following a report that claimed the producers have already cast him in the role and they’re just waiting for No Time to Die to arrive so they can make a big announcement. You could argue that Venom is less of a demanding part than Supes and Batman, so Hardy could have the time to portray both characters, but the point still stands.

In any case, it’s hard to shake the feeling that the actual next James Bond will be someone we’re not expecting, maybe an upcoming actor who’s not already leading their own franchise. For now, though, we’ll just have to wait and see.