Ruby Rose Says Keanu Reeves Was Her Toughest Onscreen Opponent

John Wick

Ruby Rose doesn’t have the most extensive of filmographies, but she’s still managed to share the screen with some of cinema’s most prominent action heroes. Having starred opposite Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, joined Vin Diesel’s team in xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, helped Jason Statham battle a giant shark in The Meg and unsuccessfully tried to take down Keanu Reeves’ master assassin in John Wick: Chapter 2, you can bet she’s picked up more than a few tricks from the aforementioned genre veterans.

The 34 year-old clearly fancies herself as action cinema’s next big thing, and can currently be seen in VOD actioner SAS: Red Notice, in which she plays a cold and emotionless terrorist who hijacks a train, holding the entire Channel Tunnel to ransom. Despite a solid supporting cast that includes Sam Heughan, Tom Wilkinson, Andy Serkis and more, it’s pretty much the latest in a long line of thinly-veiled and one-note Die Hard knockoffs, with Heughan’s almost laughably detached Special Forces operative cast in the John McClane role.

It’s hardly going to go down in history, but it does put another notch on Rose’s action movie belt, and in a recent interview to promote SAS: Red Notice, the former Orange Is the New Black star was asked to name the toughest opponent she’d ever faced off against, and there are no prizes for guessing who came out on top.

“I think Keanu Reeves will always be the number one. Not only is it Keanu, who I just adore, it’s John Wick, a film franchise I think is just fantastic. We had so much fun doing it and that was a very iconic moment for me.”

Anyone that’s seen the YouTube videos of Reeves on the gun range in preparation to play John Wick know that he’s not kidding around when it comes to the choreography, while he’s also got decades’ worth of martial arts experience for good measure, so it’s little wonder he topped Ruby Rose‘s list of onscreen adversaries.