Ruby Rose Reportedly Eyeing DCEU Batwoman Role


Arrow may have recently drawn to a close after eight seasons, but The CW’s interconnected series of superhero shows looks set to stick around for a while yet. However, the Arrowverse recently suffered a major setback when star Ruby Rose abruptly walked away from playing the title character in Batwoman after just one season.

So far, the actress has only given a vague explanation behind her reasons for quitting, but reports have nonetheless started leaking out about why she departed. Allegedly, it has very little to do with the injuries she suffered during shooting and may have been down to her being unhappy and difficult to work with, which would only have had a negative effect on Batwoman in the long run.

The creative team are already moving forward without Rose and have announced that the show will return with an all-new character in the lead instead of simply recasting Kate Kane. And while we still don’t know the specifics of her decision to leave, we’ve heard that the former Orange is the New Black star still wants to reprise her role in the future, but this time as part of the big screen DCEU.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that said Kevin Conroy would be playing Kingdom Come Batman in “Crisis” and The CW is developing an Arrow spinoff, both of which were correct – Rose might not have been happy with her involvement with the show, but she’d jump at the opportunity to play Kate Kane as part of Warner Bros. and DC’s shared movie universe and is trying to get the studio to cast her in the role.

The DCEU might have a long history of announcing projects and then doing nothing with them, but at no point has Batwoman been mentioned. However, we’ve been told that the character could show up in a future Batman sequel or even get her own solo film. In any case, WB clearly has plans to introduce the heroine at some point, but we’ll have to wait and see whether it’s Rose or someone else in the role.