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Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Trolls Hugh Jackman’s New Ad

Hugh Jackman has a new ad out that's got everyone talking - including his longtime friend and archenemy Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds

The long-running feud between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman always manages to put a smile on our face and if it one day leads to the two A-list stars settling their differences and signing up for a Face/Off remake, then long may it continue.

Obviously, the pair are good friends in real life, but it’s always entertaining seeing them poke fun at one another and troll each other in increasingly clever and amusing ways. Whether it’s making fun of upcoming movies that they have in the works, cracking jokes about being crowned Sexiest Man Alive or just some good old-fashioned jabs here and there, the frequent truces never last too long and once more, they’re at it again.

This time, it’s Reynolds stirring up the trouble, as is often the case. After Hugh Jackman took to Twitter to share a new ad for R.M. Williams boots, the Deadpool actor was quick to chime in, and you can see what he had to say down below

Cheeky and humours, as usual, Jackman has yet to respond to this latest troll from his buddy, but he’s likely cooking up a response and will reply in short order. Or, you know, he may just choose to ignore this one.

In any case, unfortunately none of this brings us any closer to seeing the two share the silver screen. And with Hugh having hung up Wolverine’s claws some time ago, an MCU collaboration seems like a pipe dream at this point. Still, there are other projects that the actors could team up for and with any luck, one day they’ll finally find a movie to make together.

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