Ryan Reynolds May Reportedly Take A Break From Marvel If They Don’t Get Going With Deadpool 3


On paper, there’s absolutely no reason why Deadpool 3 wouldn’t be one of Marvel Studios’ top priorities. They’ve got a hugely popular and marketable asset with a built-in fanbase that saw the first two installments earn over $1.5 billion at the box office, one that they don’t even need to provide an origin story for in order to parachute him into the biggest franchise in the history of cinema.

Not only that, but they’ve also got one of the most recognizable movie stars in the world to play the lead role, with Ryan Reynolds having more than shown his commitment to the character by remaining attached to Deadpool for over a decade before Fox even made it a reality in the first place. Even co-writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have made it clear that they’re more than game for a return.

The fourth wall-breaking and self-referential nature of Deadpool gives him the license to show up wherever he pleases without breaking the established rules of the MCU as well, but progress has been moving so slowly that Reynolds has signed up for countless new projects in the meantime, and we’re hearing that he could continue to do so if Marvel don’t start picking up the pace.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that told us Reynolds had a secret cameo in Hobbs & Shaw and Netflix is developing an Extraction sequel, both of which were correct – the painfully slow development process has the 6 Underground star seriously considering an offer from Dwayne Johnson to jump ship and re-team with his friend and Red Notice co-star in a DCEU blockbuster.

This doesn’t mean that Reynolds is walking away from Deadpool 3. Rather, he might just go do something for DC first if Marvel doesn’t get a move on. Of course, it remains to be seen just when the studio will pick up pace on the threequel, but it seems like the actor’s eager to get production moving forward sooner rather than later, especially when he’s already got ten movies in various stages of development and Wade Wilson isn’t expected back on our screens until 2023 at the very earliest.