Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Wants To Bring [SPOILERS] Back For Deadpool 3


Despite the X-Men movie universe now being defunct, Ryan Reynolds will return as the Merc with the Mouth in the MCU, with Marvel Studios currently developing Deadpool 3. A script is being written by Bob’s Burgers writers Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin, but plot details remain under lock and key. It’s unclear, then, whether any threads from the Fox films will be carried over into Wade Wilson’s MCU exploits.

But, according to what we’re hearing, Reynolds is pushing to get at least one major player from Deadpool 2 into the threequel. We’ve been told by our sources – the same ones who informed us that the Guardians were in Thor: Love and Thunder long before that was confirmed – that Reynolds is trying to bring Julian Dennison back for Deadpool 3. The Free Guy actor is said to be very keen to invite the New Zealand native to join him in the MCU, though it’s unclear if it’ll happen at this early stage.

Dennison played Russell Collins AKA Firefist in the Fox sequel, whose presence was integral to the plot. Josh Brolin’s Cable came back to the present from the future to kill Russell as a child before he could grow up to become a fearsome mutant who murdered Cable’s family. Thanks to DP’s influence, though, Russell was redeemed and the dark future was averted. We were then left to assume that he would go on to join Wade’s X-Force team in the planned spinoff for the group.

Marvel doesn’t seem interested in moving forward with that, but this piece of intel suggests that Reynolds still wants to bring back a few of the X-Forcers in some form. Brolin has hinted at a return as Cable, with Zazie Beetz also hopeful for another chance at playing Domino. The signs are pointing to Deadpool 3 – which will start shooting no earlier than 2022 – serving as a soft reboot of the franchise, then, but fans would be disappointed if it dropped all continuity with the earlier movies. With any luck, though, the X-Force will live on in the MCU.