Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Wants Deadpool 3’s Action To Be On Par With John Wick


One of the weakest aspects of the first Deadpool were the action sequences, as they felt a little derivative and uninspired in comparison to the rest of the movie, which was a self-aware and irreverent breath of fresh air for the almost ubiquitous superhero genre.

Luckily, things drastically improved when the sequel rolled around, and that was almost entirely due to the involvement of director David Leitch, who took over from Tim Miller behind the camera. As well as co-founding action design company 87Eleven and having decades of experience as a stunt performer and choreographer under his belt, Leitch made a seamless transition into directing by co-helming John Wick and flying solo on Atomic Blonde, making him the ideal candidate to kick the set pieces up a notch or two.

It looks as though he won’t be returning for the third installment, but insider Daniel Richtman nonetheless claims that Ryan Reynolds wants Deadpool 3‘s action to be on a par with the John Wick series, which would be incredibly ironic given that the man who produced and co-directed the first outing for Keanu Reeves’ sharp-suited assassin has already been and gone from the franchise.

Of course, every action movie these days wants to look like John Wick, but it’s not that easy to pull off. As a Marvel Cinematic Universe comic book blockbuster, there are going to be certain elements of the standard formula that Deadpool 3 is expected to incorporate, but as an R-rated venture, it also has the rare opportunity to cut loose when it comes to bloody violence and exaggerated stunts. As for whether it can replicate the success of The Continental’s most famous resident or not, well, a lot of that depends on who ends up filling the director’s chair.