Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Wants Deadpool To Hit On Wolverine In The MCU


Are we ever going to hear the end of Wolverine’s purported involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s continuation of the Deadpool franchise? Of course not, at least not until we find out some concrete facts surrounding the Merc with a Mouth’s third solo installment, which are very thin on the ground at the moment.

Ryan Reynolds admitted that the plan for Fox’s version of Deadpool 3 was to rope in Hugh Jackman’s Logan for what would have been a road trip buddy comedy set in an R-rated superhero universe, which is sadly unlikely to come to fruition at Disney and Marvel Studios. However, that hasn’t stopped Jackman from being linked with the project in any number of potential scenarios, with the latest one touting that Wade Wilson is going to try and put the moves on the mutton-chopped mutant, as Reynolds wants the Merc with a Mouth to hit on Wolvie at some point.

The information does come from Reddit, but it also emanates from a source with what’s proven to be solid insight into MCU-related scoops. And while there’s no actual mention of if it’ll be Jackman or somebody else playing Wolverine, and Kevin Feige is remaining tight-lipped over the X-Men in general, it would at least be in keeping with DP’s established comic book persona, not to mention playing off the long-running social media feud between the two actors.

That being said, Reynolds has been teasing some big Deadpool news online, so we could be finding out sooner rather than later what his hotly anticipated comeback will entail. And as an irreverent and self-aware character being dropped into a franchise that’s steadfastly played by its own rules, nothing can be taken off the table whether he’s hitting on Wolverine or not.