Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Wants Dwayne Johnson For 6 Underground 2 Villain

6 Underground

Michael Bay’s 6 Underground came armed with a blockbuster $150 million budget, one of the most famous directors in the industry being given carte blanche to deliver his signature style of mayhem without any restrictions, and an A-list leading man in Ryan Reynolds. The deranged actioner was a massive hit for Netflix, too, racking up 83 million views in four weeks to become one of the streaming service’s most popular original movies ever, but it was also completely and utterly forgettable.

With the exception of Reynolds himself, a lot of people would struggle to name another half-dozen members of the cast, and even fewer would be able to tell you any of the character’s real names off the top of their heads. Not only that, but 6 Underground had one of the most pointless and weakest villains in recent memory, and if you claim that Lior Raz brought anything even remotely memorable to the table as antagonist Rovach Alimov, then quite frankly, you’re a liar.

6 Underground

The point is, if 6 Underground does end up getting a sequel as is widely expected, then there’s a lot of work to be done to make it a worthwhile endeavor, which is why we’ve heard from our sources – the same ones that told us Ryan Reynolds was joining the Fast & Furious franchise long before his cameo in Hobbs & Shaw was announced, and that Netflix is developingWitcher prequel – that the Deadpool star wants BFF Dwayne Johnson to play the bad guy in the next outing.

According to our intel, Johnson has also been bitten by the Netflix bug after shooting Red Notice, and Reynolds coincidentally has an in-development sequel that could benefit from even more star power. The Rock hardly ever plays a villain, of course, but he did portray a character with shades of grey in a Michael Bay movie in the past thanks to Pain & Gain, so breaking bad in a 6 Underground follow-up certainly isn’t the most far-fetched idea we’ve ever heard.