Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Wants To Expand 6 Underground Franchise With Spinoffs

6 Underground

Netflix might not have stumbled upon a franchise as big as Harry Potter or Star Wars yet as the company has been so publicly keen to find, but the majority of the platform’s most-watched original movies ever lend themselves perfectly to the concept of multiple sequels.

There’s an entire Extraction cinematic universe on the way, Adam Sandler’s Murder Mystery follow-up was officially announced back in 2019, a Spanish-language Bird Box continuation is in the works, and second installments for Enola Holmes, Project Power, The Old Guard and 6 Underground are all very much on the cards.

That’s a pretty deep bench as it is, but we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Extraction was getting a sequel long before it was confirmed – that the latter could also be the subject of spinoffs, with Ryan Reynolds reportedly keen to see the world of Michael Bay’s $150 million action blockbuster continue to be built out and expanded upon.

6 Underground

Of course, Reynolds wasn’t listed as a producer on 6 Underground, but his Maximum Effort banner is now involved in the majority of his countless in-development projects, so it stands to reason he’d take a much more hands-on role in any further adventures for the titular sextet. As to what these spinoffs could entail, we’re not sure, but there’s likely mileage in prequels given that the film established that any associates of the actor’s One are fairly expendable and interchangeable, and he’s been in the mercenary business a long time since faking his own death.

In any case, the partnership between the Deadpool star and Netflix is only set to strengthen with Red Notice and The Adam Project in the can and comedy Upstate on the docket, so it would make perfect sense for the two parties to continue collaborating for a while yet.