Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Eyed For Live-Action ThunderCats Movie

Ryan Reynolds

Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard has clearly been eager to share the news with us that he’s signed on to co-write and direct a feature-length film based on beloved 1980s cartoon ThunderCats. Admittedly, the initial announcement came as a bit of a surprise, but it’s been received pretty well and over the last week or so, Wingard has been more than happy to chat about the pic during every interview he does promoting the MonsterVerse’s new outing.

It’s clearly a passion project for him, too, after he revealed that he once penned a 270-page ThunderCats screenplay while in high school, and now that he’s becoming a fairly big deal in Hollywood, he can finally make his dream a reality. It seems he’s got his sights set high when it comes to casting as well, as he currently has two names lined up to star, with insider Daniel Richtman reporting this week that Ryan Reynolds and Millie Bobby Brown are being eyed for parts in the movie.


Of course, both of those individuals are in incredibly high demand these days, and each of them has an already jam-packed slate of upcoming projects. So whether or not they’d even have time to squeeze in a live-action ThunderCats role remains to be seen. Not to mention that it’s still early, early days for the pic and things can change in regards to casting between now and when it gets ready to head in front of cameras.

Still, if Richtman’s intel is correct, it just goes to show the sort of talent that Wingard and the studio are looking at to headline the movie and that can only bode well for this new stab at ThunderCats.