Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Eyed For Pirates Of The Caribbean Spinoff

Ryan Reynolds

It’s official, folks. Ryan Reynolds is now the most coveted actor in Hollywood. Yes, a distinction that once belonged to legends like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Tom Hanks now solely rests in the hands of the charming 43-year-old.

On top of awaiting the December release of his two most recent flicks (Free Guy and The Croods: A New Age), the leading man is also spearheading Deadpool’s introduction into the MCU. All of that by itself would be enough to pack anyone’s schedule, but there’s more still. In addition to the ten movies he currently has in the pipeline, we learned yesterday that Reynolds is also in talks to play Sherlock Holmes in an upcoming Netflix project. Just typing this is enough to make my head spin.

Now, adding even more to the actor’s plate, insider Daniel Richtman claims that Disney once again has its eye on the beloved leading man. It’s already been reported that the House of Mouse is eyeing Reynolds for roles in two of their planned live-action remakes (Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Tarzan), but the tipster says that execs also have him in mind to front a spinoff of the blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Though details on the proposed pic are presently under wraps, we’ve also heard whispers that the studio is looking at fellow MCU stars Robert Downey Jr. and Karen Gillan to potentially join Margot Robbie in the swashbuckling series. Franchise mainstay Johnny Depp could also return, though that decision likely hinges on what happens with his ongoing court case.

As for Ryan Reynolds, clearly he won’t have time to do all of these projects he’s being eyed for and none of the Disney ones are set in stone just yet, but it’s obvious that the Mouse House is eager to extend their working relationship with him past the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And given how big a box office draw he is, why wouldn’t they want him firmly in their corner?

Tell us, though, would you like to see the Canadian actor headline a Pirates of the Caribbean spinoff? As always, let us know down below.