Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Trying To Get Full Creative Control On Deadpool 3 From Disney

Ryan reynolds

The ratio of speculation surrounding Deadpool 3 compared to the facts is widely skewed in favor of the former, which is hardly surprising when it’s one of the most hotly-anticipated comic book blockbusters on the horizon that we know very little about.

It’s going to be an R-rated canonical entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe scripted by the Molyneux sisters that isn’t going to shoot until next year at the very earliest, but that’s as far as the concrete information has stretched so far, despite Ryan Reynolds revealing in late 2019 that he was in talks with Marvel Studios about whipping the project into shape.

Throughout it all, though, there’s been a steady stream of scuttlebutt emanating from insider Daniel Richtman, who since the beginning of last month alone has offered that Reynolds wants veto power on all of Deadpool’s MCU appearances, plans to bring X-Force into the franchise, refuses to work with ex-wife Scarlett Johansson despite her character being dead in the main timeline, and is pushing for an openly bisexual Wade Wilson, as well as another Brad Pitt cameo and scenes opposite the recently departed Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans.

On top of all that, Richtman has repeatedly insisted that the leading man is locked in a power struggle with Disney over the tone and creative direction of the movie, with Kevin Feige stuck in the middle as mediator. After previously claiming that Reynolds had been handed complete creative control on the threequel, the tipster has now backtracked slightly and is saying that it’s Disney who won’t give him the keys to the kingdom, with Marvel fully supportive of letting him have free rein.

As always, nobody outside of those three aforementioned parties really knows what’s going on in regards to Deadpool 3, but as more time passes without any significant progress being made through development, you can guarantee that the tales of alleged behind the scenes woe are only going to intensify.