Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Hoping For An Oscar Soon, Eyeing New Netflix Movie

Ryan reynolds

There are literally thousands of actors in Hollywood competing with each other to attain success, but the biggest names largely tend to be split into two camps. There are the Actors with a capital ‘A’ who seek out challenging material that allows them to put themselves through the emotional wringer to deliver the best work possible, and then there are the movie stars, who create populist entertainment designed to appeal to the biggest audience and generate the largest box office numbers.

Ryan Reynolds is a talented individual, no doubt, but over the last decade or so, he’s largely been dependent on his established screen persona. In fact, you’d have to go back to 2015 biographical drama Woman in Gold to find the last time the 44 year-old didn’t rely on his innate comic timing and irreverent sense of humor to drive his performance, and since then he’s shot twelve movies.

However, insider Daniel Richtman claims that the Deadpool star wants some awards season recognition, and he’s eying a potential collaboration with David Fincher now that the latter has signed an exclusive deal with Netflix. Reynolds is no stranger to the streaming service having filmed 6 Underground, Red Notice and The Adam Project, but it isn’t quite as simple as pointing at Fincher and telling him to direct you to an Academy Award.

As one of the most meticulous filmmakers in the business, he’s famous for subjecting his cast to dozens upon dozens of takes and allowing very little in terms of improvisation or deviations from the script, and even if he were to team up with Ryan Reynolds, you don’t just pluck a project out of thin air and decide you want to win an Oscar for it. And that’s without mentioning the fact that nobody in any of Fincher’s movies has ever won an Academy Award for their efforts, despite several of them racking up nominations.

Still, Richtman claims that the Deadpool star wants to find a Netflix project to make with the Fight Club director and whether it bags him a statue or not, it’s sure to be something worth keeping an eye on.