Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Wants In On Justice League 2


The world of comic book blockbusters moves at such a rapid pace that fans, insiders and studio executives alike always seem to be planning at least a few films ahead. For instance, it took a relentless two and a half year campaign to finally convince Warner Bros. that the Snyder Cut of Justice League was a risk worth taking, but almost as soon as the news broke, you’d have thought the DCEU’s slate was mapped out for the next five years.

As well as the constant rumors that Zack Snyder could stick around and direct a further two installments to deliver an entire Justice League trilogy, Ben Affleck has at various points been linked with a Batman solo movie and an HBO Max miniseries despite the actor only officially being contracted to suit up for Snyder’s brief reshoots and The Flash.

Furthermore, once the filmmaker teased that the Green Lantern Corps would have a much more substantial role in his new cut than the blink and you’ll miss it cameo in the theatrical release, Ryan Reynolds was suddenly poised to make a surprise appearance as Hal Jordan as well. In fact, tipster Grace Randolph claimed that his contract was ready to go, only to backtrack very soon after and say that he was actually too busy to commit.

At this point, the rumor mill will never stop churning, and insider Daniel Richtman has now revealed that the Deadpool star wants in on a prospective Justice League sequel should it end up happening. Unfortunately, he doesn’t offer any information aside from that, but the 44 year-old actor has a jam-packed schedule as it is, and the last thing he needs when free time is at such a premium is theoretical projects being added to his slate. Still, if the sequel does indeed become a reality, you can bet that Reynolds will be hitting up Snyder to talk about a potential role.