Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Writing Part Of The Deadpool 3 Script

Ryan Reynolds

One of the most pressing questions surrounding the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Deadpool 3 is how heavily Ryan Reynolds is going to be involved in the creative process. As we know, everything that happens in the sprawling franchise needs to be approved and signed off by Kevin Feige, but he’s become an increasingly collaborative boss over the last few years.

The fact that Mahershala Ali has been key to developing the Blade reboot from the ground up, which extends to him having approval over the writers and director, is an encouraging sign. After all, Reynolds first became attached to play Wade Wilson in 2004, and persevered for a full twelve years before the Merc with a Mouth was finally given his own solo movie.

The 6 Underground star wasn’t just the leading man, but he was also one of the producers and a major influence on the script, to the extent that he was even credited on Deadpool 2. With the exception of Paul Rudd’s work on the Ant-Man duology, though, none of the MCU’s major stars have been awarded with a writing credit, and nobody has ever been listed as a producer.

However, we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us War Machine was getting his own Disney Plus show long before Armor Wars was officially announced – that Reynolds is said to be helping out with the screenplay currently being written by the Molyneux sisters, and he’s been chiming in with his own notes and additions along the way.

Nobody knows the character better than he does, and even if he doesn’t end up taking an official credit on the Deadpool 3 script, it’s encouraging to know that the Marvel Studios system hasn’t completely shut him out of getting his words onto the page.